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Welcome to My Pets Malaysia! A blog the post anything and everything under the sun. We created this blog with the goal of sharing our love for pets, shopping experiences and lifestyle with you. Here in My Pets Malaysia, we do not limit ourselves in just on topic. Although we all share the same love for pets, we also post shogirls-1031538_960_720pping and lifestyle guides.

If you are an animal lover but is not sure on what type of pet should you get, this is the blog for you. We give advices on choosing the right pet for you to love, and more importantly, how to take care and love them. Aside from that, we also post about shopping tips and advices and practically, everything that would improve your lifestyle, from work outs, healthy living, and of course, pets.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries and questions. Visit us daily for the latest articles on pets, lifestyle, and shopping.

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